My purse is such a hot mess omg.

My friends keep all of their makeup and mirrors and brushes and ipods and such in theirs like most normal people do and I just went through mine and this is what we’re dealing with here:¬†

  • A box of pepto bismol tablets
  • A large container of tums…so noisy.
  • Box of raisins
  • Packet of Justin’s Honey Almond Butter
  • Jar of peanut butter
  • Nature Valley snack bar
  • Bag of Probiotics
  • A couple of pennies
  • About 845 bottles and tubes of skin cream leftover from the winter because the second it gets below 60 degrees outside my skin (mostly hands) get red/purple/blue and itch and burn and get completely raw to the point where I’m all touch me and die go away don’t look at me lololol. But anyway, those can probably be taken out for now since it’s ya know, July and stuff.¬†
  • Food journal¬†
  • My SAT scores… Not sure why or how but okay.

Clearly my life is more glamorous than yours :’)

Thanks for sticking your gluteny hand into the bowl of lettuce right after you were holding that slice of bread.

I really like it when you do that kind of thing.
I guess I’m not having salad tonight for dinner. I guess I’m having a can of soup. MMMMMMM just what I wanted in this 97 degree weather…A hot can of soup that’s loaded with a bunch of things that shouldn’t even be in soup and that’s sure to bloat me right on up. maybe if I drain the broth I won’t get so bloated but still I wanted my salad with chicken and cheese and dressing and banana peppers and roasted carrots and ughHhh I was looking forward to it all day..

On another note, I’ve discovered that Udi’s gives me horrible muscle pains and apparently sometimes knocks me out and causes nausea. And sometimes makes me emotional. (see above) It’s the strangest thing. I’ve tried the hamburger buns and the pizza crust and it’s happened every time. I’ll have it for dinner one night and be fine until about 2:30pm the next day. It starts with yawning, then pains, then emotionalness, and then either stays at that or progresses to stomach pains and ultimately being knocked out for 3 hours. I swear it’s so weird. Today I got lucky and didn’t pass out or feel sick or even cry THAT much lololol. The muscle pains have just been some of the worst I’ve ever had. They’ve been moving all over my body and right now they’re in my fingers which is rather painful and the reason that this post is going to end riiiiight…. Here. Plus diners drive ins and dives is coming on and that’s my show.

When I see Chick-Fil-A on my dash:

When I see someone eating Chick-Fil-A:

When I ride past Chick-Fil-A and smell that delicious hot, juicy fried chicken sandwich that I can’t eat:

General dinner menu for the week:

(In no particular order. This is just a guideline to get an idea of what I’ll be eating this week and to know what groceries we need to get.)

-Grilled chicken salad with the rest of my Ore-Ida fries.
-Lemon herb marinated grilled chicken with lundberg farms risotto.
-Pesto pasta (tinkyada spaghetti noodles) with cherry tomatoes
-Italian dressing marinated grilled chicken tenders with with roasted bell peppers and red potatoes.
-BLT on Udi’s bun with homemade fries.

That’s all got so far! The other two nights will probably either be more grilled chicken salad or soup. I lovelovelove grilled chicken salad though so no complaints here!! What are your dinner plans this week?

My dad and stepmom bought the gluten free bisquick

and now they’re making pancakes on their pancake griddle….

*bangs head against wall*